Thursday, 30 June 2011

Nasri- Scum?

Now, I am writing this after having just read Sky Sports News' article on their website saying that their 'sources' understand Nasri is 'closing in on a deal' to join Man 'we want to buy success' City.

A few points spring to mind here. Firstly, what does 'closing in on a deal' actually mean? He's agreed a contract? Arsenal have accepted a bid? Or simply that Man City have just submitted a bid and Sky are trying to hype it all up?

It's hard to imagine Man City, if they are trying to sign Nasri, have done things in the proper way- putting in a formal bid to Arsenal without talking to Nasri and/ or the media before having a bid accepted. But that's another matter.

Samir Nasri was a young, promising midfielder playing in France and was found by Arsene Wenger who has nurtured him into one of the Premier League's best attacking midfielders. He has given him the opportunity to play in the best league in the world, the home of football, for a great club with a history to be proud of, with excellent facilities, to play with world class players and one of the world's best managers and coaches, to play in front of 60,000 passionate supporters every week that sing his name. And he would walk out on that?

OK, there's nothing concrete yet but I bet Nasri can't wait to get his grubby paws on £180,000 a week (well probably about £100,000 after taxes). Yes, some cynics may say that we'd all do it as well but this isn't like any other profession. Children and adults will walk the street, go to the game and sing his name wearing a shirt with his name on the back that they payed good money for just to have this arrogant mercenary walk out on their support, their loyalty and their admiration. It disgusts me.

Let's not forget the other players too. He is supposed to be good friends with them and he slaps loyal players like van Persie in the face by walking out on them? That strikes me as a jerk. He does strike me as the type as well. Before I was mad at Arsenal for not offering him what he wants but if it is in the region of £180,000 a week then I don't blame them.

And he's supposedly a player that 'loves his football' and it isn't all about the money as I'm pretty sure we've heard him and other say in the past.

Oh and I bet there will be some quote from him if he signs about how he has come to take part in the Man City project that he is excited about and because he has ambition for trophies, but it will all be about money. It would be like he'd be washing his hands of Arsenal and saying 'the league cup defeat wasn't my fault. It's the other players. We haven't won any trophies at Arsenal. That's not my fault, it's the others.' And it doesn't show much 'ambition' on his part does it, because when he looks back on his career and see's no trophies won with Arsenal it will be a failure for him, he'd just be jumping ship, so a potential move wouldn't be about ambition, it would be about money, the arrogant French mercenary.

But I could be getting carried away and getting worked up about something that might end up not happening and he will show the loyalty to the manager, his friends and his loyal fans that he should. Let's wait and see.