Thursday, 7 February 2013

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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Anyone seen a bottle?

Twas my first day back at university today... yes the Christmas break lasted until February. Well anyway, this afternoon I was reading in the library and caught sight of a beautiful girl perusing the shelves and my brain was going 'girl pretty. Tom like'. As she was looking on the shelves she caught sight of me and seemed to look pleasantly at me.

I say 'pleasant', maybe she was just a pleasant person generally. She didn't clearly obviously smile at me otherwise I'd have seen that as an invitation, it was more of a vague smile. Anyway, I thought about going over and talking to her but it felt too uncomfortable and didn't know if it'd be inappropriate or not. Plus, what the hell am I going to talk to someone I've never met before about? The abysmally boring Salman Rushdie book I was reading? How insanely beautiful she is? My thoughts on how the current season of '24' I'm watching is going to end?* God knows.

I decided against it really through fear of embarrassment of being rejected in front of a quiet library and just being so unaware of what I'd say to her. That's not the part that's left me feeling like a testicle- deprived numpty though.

What is is that afterwards I bumped into her in the corridor where no- one was and we just smiled at each other as I let her first through the door (see, at least I'm a gentleman- testicles or no testicles) and I was ridden with the sudden fear. That was a great opportunity and I just let it pass me by.

Was it a great opportunity? Should I have talked to her? Or would it still have been inappropriate? I had similar incidents on holiday a few months ago, but then I had the excuse of our respective families being in the way of a Menorcan romance.

My lack of courage and know- how in those situations just makes me loathe myself at times like these. Put me in a classroom sat next to a girl and I'll make a good impression and actually be quite charming and make her laugh but put me in a scenario where I'm a public place looking at a pretty girl I've never met before and I crumble.

When I was younger I always pictured myself being quite the charmer with the ladies when I 'grew up' and I can talk to girls I know pretty well but I'm no Charlie Harper or Joey Tribbiani when it comes to chatting strange girls up in public. When I imagine it in my head, I'm great at it- confident, charming, always know what to say, but it's so much harder to stump up the courage to do that in real life.

What makes things worse is that I walked past her again on the stairs when I was leaving and still didn't manage to buck up the courage to talk to her. My bottle had well and truly gone. She was bloody gorgeous as well.

Let's just say I'll be scouring the campus over the coming days and weeks to see if I can find her again for chance number God knows what... I've lost count. Not in a stalky way of course though! I'll just keep a keen eye out when on my travels.

* Isn't that show an absolute belter by the way? I got the box set of all 8 seasons for Christmas and I've never watched them before. I'm thinking it's one of the best presents I've ever got, it's a brilliant programme. It just has everything. So exhilarating, action- packed, intriguing and addictive. If you've never watched it, do it now. Trust me.

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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Goodison Amusements

I've just spent the afternoon at a real crackerjack of a game. Everton 3-3 Aston Villa. Wow. This fixture is always very entertaining and this time didn't disappoint either. I was readying myself for the slight possibility of an overdue dull game between these two but that is apparently impossible (mind you, I did predict 3-2 Everton).

Anyway, what makes the game even more enjoyable and entertaining are the characters sat around us at the game. They bring their own specific, individual qualities that they entertain us with and it's highly amusing, at least to me and my perhaps strange sense of humour.

One of those entertainers was Eating Man who's standards of amusement and entertainment value have somewhat declined over the last year or two but today he was back to his best. Sitting at a strange angle facing the aisle with his knees halfway into them as normal, he enjoyed spilling some of his coffee and intensely tucking into a Twix. The suspense at he multi- tasked with the classic football ground nourishments was palpible and rather funny. Watching a middle aged man spill and struggle with a coffee and sit like an 8 foot man in mini is what going to the football is all about...  isn't it?

Another top performer today was The Saint, and he was man of the match. The Irish firebox in front who looks a lot like Ian St. John, formerly of Liverpool, a.k.a 'The Saint' was on fire. Him turning around to rant about the incidents in the game with his bobble hat and satchel on, much like Alan from 'The Hangover', is one of the highlights of going to the game. I love the fact that he always rants to people behind him rather than the people next to him. Why turn around to rant?! That combined with his comical Irish tongue, girly satchel, amusing looking bobble hat and permanently aggressive tone make him the current crown jewel of the Goodison Park crowd.

He's permanently aggressive and miffed off, I've got this image of him at his wedding with his now wife- 'Mrs Saint', reading out his vows and telling her how much he loves her in an aggressive, angry tone, stood in front of her so he has to turn around the read the vows to her: 'You know, I f*****g love you I do, you're just the bloody love of my f*****g life you bitch!' He's a character alright. I'd love to see 'A Day In The Life Of The Saint' on TV.

There were also quality performances from Mad Man and Referee Hater and a new arrival in some bloke sat along our row who looked completely like he'd wandered through the wrong door somewhere along the line. He didn't look like a football fan at all- his mysterious persona, his trillby hat and his posh attire made him like he was going to see a classic play at the theatre rather than watch a cracking football match. And to add to that he was a rude twonk who just kept barging past us without any word of warning. He's got a long way to go before he reaches the status of The Saint though.

What would life be like without laughter ey?

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