Tuesday, 9 November 2010

What the Hell?

What are the FA thinking? They have extended Laurent Koscielny's suspension by an extra game so that now he will miss the Everton game as well as the Wolves game. What a disgrace! How on Earth can they refuse to take action against Tom Huddlestone after he stamped on a Bolton player at the weekend with his studs and yet extend Koscielny's ban? There's just no logic there. Tom Huddlestone's offence was a lot worse than Koscielny's as he endangered another player's well- being yet all Koscielny did was pull somebody to the floor. His red card was debatable and in my opinion, undeserved. He only deserved a yellow as Ranger was quite far out and on the touchline when he was running in on goal and Squillaci would have probably caught up to him therefore there was a man on the cover so Koscielny wasn't the last man therefore shouldn't have been sent off and had his ban extended.

The reason for the extension of his ban was because this is his second red card of the season. That other red card, like this one, was not awarded for dangerous play either, it was just two bookable offences. They should only be able to extend a player's ban on the grounds that he has been sent off before this season, if that other sending off was a straight red card. Just like Arsenal can only appeal straight red cards. It's just bent. Also, if you think back to that dismissal at Anfield, that wasn't a deserved red card either as his second yellow was completely wrongful too.

The FA need to put down their cream- cakes, pull their fingers out of their backsides and actually learn about the game. They also all need to grow a pair because it seems that they daren't go against a referee's decision when called upon, as if they go against a referee's decision they make him look bad- so what?! Do the right thing you jobsworths!

Overall, the point is how can they extend Koscielny's ban and not take action against Huddlestone?

The other point is how can they extend his ban on the grounds that he has already had a red card this season, even when that red card was undeserved? I bet they didn't even look at that red card incident on the opening day in their build- up to this decision. Which just shows how thorough they are in their "jobs" and decisions.

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