Thursday, 21 April 2011

Why are Arsenal targeted so much?

I switched on Sky Sports News this morning when I got up and saw them showing the games in which Arsenal have dropped points from in winning positions- Tottenham twice, Newcastle, Sunderland.

But for some reason they never seem to show Man Utd's weaknesses. Man Utd have actually dropped points from winning poisitions more than us this season and yet it's Arsenal who are criticised for it because a lot of people in football- media, pundits, ex- players etc are just thick. They hide behind the stereotypes and the easy things to say rather than actually analysing things with Arsenal. Yet with Man Utd, they can't wait for 'Giggsy' or Rooney to have a great game, even when Rooney was doing crap they obsessed over him and never criticised Man Utd when they fudged up.

Man Utd were 3-1 at Everton in stoppage time and drew 3-3, that was a capitulation if ever I did see one. They screwed up at Fulham late on- Fulham equalising twice and Man Utd missing a penalty at 2-1. They drew at Birmingham 1-1 in the last minute, the were 1 up at Chelsea late on and lost 2-1. They were 1 up at Wolves and lost 2-1. They were 2-0 up at home to West Brom and drew 2-2, with van der Sar messing up big time. But we can't criticise van der Sar can we? And we definately can't criticise Man Utd can we?

So why do these thicko's focus on Arsenal? I don't know exactly why, we seem easy targets to a lot of people. Probably because we haven't won anything since 2005 and people can't wait to get on our backs for that. If 'Fergie' had gone through through this spell with Man Utd that Arsenal have I don't think Man Utd would be criticised as much, they'd say'Oh Fergie's dealt with the stadium move well and kept Man Utd in the top four every season and come close a few times, what a man'.

But people in this country generally hate Arsene Wenger, perhaps because he says things they don't like to hear, complaining about decisions (but every manager does that), has rows with other managers and not handshaking a couple of times, he answers their questions with complex answers that they probably can't understand because their too thick and already thinking about what to criticise Arsenal of.

I think a big reason is due to the respect for Ferguson and the lack of for Wenger. People in football are too scared of Ferguson, and Wenger isn't a scary guy so they have nothing to fear when criticising them- plus he's not British.

It's just a disgrace how Arsenal are targeted in this country. People are brainwashed to believe all these dodgy stereotypes that journalists and pundits have created themselves because they say simple things because they are too thick to actually analyse more accurately.

They also had the gall to not even show or mention van Persie's disallowed goal at 3-2 that shouldn't have been. Nobody has, apart from the match report on Why?! I bet you £100 that if that had been up the other end and it was Tottenham that had it disallowed they would mention it and talk about it rather than focusing on the negatives as everyone does with Arsenal, even when we win.

I'll love it when we win a trophy, particularly if it's one of the big two, to rub it in people's faces- these people who criticise Arsenal all the time and say stereotypical rubbish about them all the time- people like Lee Dixon, Mark Lawrenson, Andy Townsend etc.

I just can't believe that that disallowed goal has never been mentioned. Any other club and it would have been mentioned and looked at but because of Arsenal's form over the last couple of months- knocked out of all the cups and some poor results in the league- they ignore it because they can't wait to stick the knife in again.

Can you tell it winds me right up?

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  1. I think a reason no-one seems to be concentrating on the disallowed goal is because they actually wanted Tottenham to score- they favour tottenham because they're the underdgo and 'arry's in charge. And it's what they want from a neautral point of view- it'd have been bad for them had Arsenal gone 4-2 up.
    Though i didn't watch the post match chit chat, so I don't know if they talked about it there- but I doubt they did.