Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Is Koscielny in the right?

Laurent Koscielny has said that if Arsenal don't show ambition in the transfer market, he'll leave in order to join a club more determined to win trophies. So, is he right to say this? Is he even right to have this attitude?

On the one hand, yes he is. He's 27 years of age so at the peak of his career and is likely to no get a better chance to move to another top club. So it's a case of now or never for him in terms of trophy winning. Either show trust in Arsenal to win trophies over the next few years or move now before it's too late to a club that is more likely to win them. Also, it's human to want success. He's a very good player and capable of being in a team that wins trophies. So there's nothing wrong with wanting that. Plus, for too long Arsenal have shown the same lack of ambition in the trophy department by constantly selling key players and not investing significantly enough to win trophies. We seem to timidly shy away every year and surrender our challenge for trophies. Arsenal used to win the FA Cup regularly under Wenger before the stadium move. Yet the stadium move has since been an excuse for us not winning trophies. You don't need a bucket load of cash to win the FA Cup. It's not like we've really tried to either- we always mess around with the team and rest players in the FA Cup. Since the stadium switch Arsenal have become too obsessed with Champions League qualification and nowhere near enough obsessed about winning trophies. This overly obsessive striving for Champions League football has become too prominent. They should be aiming for that- but why haven't they been trying to win the FA Cup as well? We used to go for the league title and FA Cup at the same time under him- why can't we now go for Champions League qualification and the FA Cup at the same time? Baffling.

However he isn't right to come out and say what he's said in public (I'm back on Koscielny by the way). If he's planning on leaving if Arsenal don't show the ambition to win titles, fine. But go and tell Arsene Wenger that, not the media. That does nothing good.

Plus, I'm of the view that when you join a club at professional level, you're making an investment. You're joining a 'team'. You're part of a 'team'. There is a shared responsibility to succeed. I don't think foreign players (especially French players) get this, I don't think they see it this way. It is called a 'team' for a reason. A 'team' sticks together and looks to succeed together. He also has a duty to be loyal to the club that has improved him as a player so significantly. When he came he was a nobody and frankly disaster-prone. Now he's a top quality centre half who has improved lots and would get into most teams. Therefore he has a duty to return the favour of that loyalty and belief by believing in Arsenal and repaying them for what they've done for his ability and career.

They've given him a chance to play in the best league in the world, the Champions League, a cup final (which he was largely responsible for us losing by the way) and play alongside top quality players. He should repay them for that by not shooting off to another club at the first opportunity.

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