Sunday, 3 October 2010

Taking a perspective view and looking at the positives

It's not all doom and gloom. I know a good performance with no result isn't good enough but you can't have a go at them. Every player did well and look at the injury situation. I'd love to see Chelsea come to the Emirates to play an Arsenal team just missing Fabregas with Cech, Terry, Lampard, Drogba and Kalou out injured. Because that's the equivalent of today's circumstances. I hgihly doubt they'd get a result and that even if they did lose play as well as we did today.

I think we have a better squad than Chelsea overall, but we suffer more from injuries and without our best three players plus other players like Walcott and Bendtner, it was a big ask to go to Stamford Bridge to play a full strength (in terms of first choice XI) Chelsea team with the exception of Lampard.  

So don't jump on the "Arsenal have a lot of the ball but Chelsea 'bully' them into defeat" because it ain't true. Arsenal didn't get bullied in this game last season, nor the season before, nor in the games at the Emirates nor today.

Additionally, we aren't out of the title race for any pessimists out there saying we are. We have a seven point disadvantage which is recoverable as we showed last year. After we lost to Chelsea in  LATE NOVEMBER last season we fell 11 points behind them. 2 months later, in JANUARY we actually overtook them and went top. So there's the evidence. At the moment it's early October and our deficit is 4 points less than last season with more time to recover.

Also, Chelsea have had easier fixtures than us so far. They still have to play us away, Liverpool away, Blackburn away, Sunderland away. All games we have already got out of the way. They also have Aston Villa away next, which is a tricky game so theres no need to fear too much.

I'll cover the details of the match more tomorrow as I've run out of time. TTFN

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