Thursday, 28 October 2010

What was all the fuss about?

See how quickly things can change in football? Three weeks ago, things were looking bad after back to back defeats against West Brom and Chelsea and now things are looking very rosy indeed after successes in the Premier League, Champions League and Carling Cup.
There's something different about Arsenal at the moment that is getting me excited,as they're keeping clean sheets, scoring loads of goals and they look like we mean business. I don't want to speak too soon but they look as if they're ready now and that they have discarded their weaknesses. There has been evidence of this this season, such as the way they dealt with Blackburn, the clean sheets, the convincing win at Man City and better defending and more efficient finishing.
In my few years as an Arsenal fan, I haven't felt this excited and confident about them because they're looking great as both ends of the pitch, even with crucial players out injured.

You may be reading this thinking I'm getting carried away but I've just got a good feeling about Arsenal. There's not many occasions when I'm so confident about a game as I am about Arsenal v West Ham on Saturday, which shows how good they've been lately. It's a good time to be a Gooner!

Just like buses. None for ages and then two at once. I'm talking about clean sheets, away from home. After going from January 28th until October 24th without one, we've now got two in three days. OK, that's not as long as it soundsbut still, it's a good quality to have- being able to go away from home and not concede a goal and something we haven't seen enough of from Arsenal over recent years. It shows our increased strength in depth too, as don't forget we were without the first choice pair at Man City and without Vermaelen and Squillaci last night.

As for Theo Walcott... He is summing up Arsenal at the moment as he looks like he is maturing, improving by the game and becoming more knowledgeable and composed. His first goal last night conveyed his composure as it was superbly and so calmly taken. His second may have looked simple but, like the first, it demanded a cool head and showed his blistering pace and how better he is getting at knowing how best to use it and the timing of his runs are expert.

Nicklas Bendtner also showed last night how much he is improving as he is getting better on knowing where to be, and his goal, of course, was superb. People have faulted his finishing in the past, but what you can never fault is how many chances he manages to get and that is a good attribute as it shows good awareness of where to be and a natural instinct for goal.

Wojciech Szczesny impressed me a lot last night and is competing with Theo for man of the match, making some great saves and looking very comfortable and commanding. His save from Taylor's free-kick was fantastic and he also did well in the goal mouth scramble at 2-0.

Laurent Koscielny was also excellent and a candidate for MOTM, looking solid and he looks as if he is improving all the time aswell as adapting very quickly as he has dealt very well with various difficult situations, that you might not encounter in the french league, at Blackburn, Sunderland, Tottenham and Newcastle, putting in some first clas performances.

All in all, a great result and performance just like at Man City. Keep 'em coming!

Szczesny- 8
Eboue- 7
Djourou- 7
Koscielny- 8
Gibbs- 6
Eastmond- 7
Denilson- 7
Rosicky- 7
Walcott- 9
Bendtner- 8
Vela- 7

Sagna- 7
Fabregas- 7
Emmanuel Thomas- 6

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