Thursday, 10 March 2011

Disrespectful babies

I've got to say, I'm a little cheesed. It annoys me how Arsenal players talk about Barcelona and how their players talk about Arsenal. Barcelona's players are too up their own arses to show the slightest hint of respect to Arsenal. We must have irritated them at some point, or maybe they see us as their biggest threat and they realise that we will be a better team than them very soon.

Xavi and Sergio Biscuits have the audacity to question our 'ambition'. Oh sorry, is it a lack of ambition to protect a lead? Did Inter Milan show a lack of ambition last season when they played even more defensively than us there last season? They simply can't take it that we beat them at their own game in the first leg, even then they came out with comments such as 'we were superior' when they weren't and the statistics prove that. And they even have the bitterness to have a go at us when they beat us! They are like a bunch of kids.

Here is what Biscuits said:

"If anything should disappoint Arsenal it is not the ref but how little ambition they showed"

And now Xavi:

"We were superior to them from start to finish,"
"Arsenal barely had a shot on goal and their only goal was scored by our player. They didn't want the ball and our tempo of play and our intensity was always going to see us through."

Xavi in particular must be scared of us or constantly irritated by our team because he can't stop whinging about us and coming out with bitter, disrespectful comments. Remember in the summer when he was the chief of the 'Tap up Cesc Fabregas' team with his disrespectful comments about how 'maybe he'll come in January when Arsenal are out of the title race'? Well Mr Dick Head, we're still in it and the man you constantly wank to every night is still at our club. Pique, Puyol and Messi have all come out with disrespect towards Arsenal in the last few months and it's not on.

His 'their only goal was scored by our player' comment is perhaps just trying to hide to fact that they are so vulnerable at the back and on set pieces.

Someone has to do something about them to shut them up, discipline them whenever they try tapping up our players (which they criticise and call inferior- well they can't be that inferior if you're begging for them to come to your club).

I like how our players don't sink to their level but I wish they wouldn't compliment them all the time, such as Sagna this time and others like Fabregas.

Whether you're the best team in Europe or not, you don't have the right to behave this way ALL the time. Not that they are, they just think they are. Did they win the Champions League last year? No. So why do they think they're the best about? They might be this season, I admit that but they are too arrogant and (again) disrespectful to see any other possibility.

I think the reason for their bitterness and disrespect is fear or because they still haven't got their own way for once with trying to sign Fabregas. They are just spoilt, thick babies.

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