Thursday, 17 March 2011

We're Screwed and Wenger needs to buy players

Not two things I usually say about Arsenal, but I am writing this having just seen the news that Johan Djourou is out for six weeks, Vermaelen the season and for the West Brom game at least, we're without Fabregas, Song, Walcott, Szczesny and Diaby too. It's just the same season after season. Non- stop injuries, especially at this time of the season, the most important.

Sky keep banging on about Man Utd's injuries but I envy their 'problems'. I can't see us winning the league with the centre halves we have available. That is one very important area where Man Utd are better equipped than us as they have stronger cover for Ferdinand and Vidic than we have for Djourou and Vermaelen. Squillaci is bound to cost us at least a couple of points and while, long term I rate Koscielny and think people are too harsh on him, he's probably going to make a crucial mistake or two before the end of the season.

This means a few things. One: we need to be damn good going forward for the remainder of the season as we aren't going to be as good defensively as normal. Two: we need our other players such as Song and Fabregas especially to get and stay fit and hope that players like van Persie and Nasri in particular don't get injured.  Three: that we need to buy more players. We need another centre half, a defensive midfielder and maybe a young winger. I say this because Arsenal suffer from injuries a lot more than their rivals, and it always seems to be to key players. Never to someone like Denilson or Eboue that are just cover players.

Walcott is injury prone. Van Persie is. Fabregas is becoming that way. We are too reliant on Song. Squillaci and Denilson are liabilities. Hence we need to a defensive midfielder to replace Denilson. A quality centre half, one that is much better than Squillaci and a young, versatile winger that can replace Walcott when he's inevitably out injured. This way, and with the returns of Ramsey and Vermaelen, we won't be as badly affected by our inevitable injury problems. If Wenger doesn't act on this this summer, I'll be disappointed and frustrated at him because it clearly needs attention as it's happening every season.

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  1. I think that Everton season ticket is rubbing off on you.