Tuesday, 26 July 2011

What to do with Marouane Chamakh?

The player screams the word 'enigma'. He can look a real handful at times, as he showed during the first half of last season, but he can be a frustrating motionless oaf like he showed during the second half of last season.

You may say 'well he didn't get as many games during the second half of the season' but that's an excuse for not scoring enough goals or not being as sharp but he barely seemed to try. He just sat on the shoulders of defenders and didn't move. His lack of effort and movement are the things that bother me, I think 'does he want to be playing?' 'Or is it just laziness?'

I don't know but I do question whether he's worth keeping as I would probably rather we kept Bendtner than him as he is a better player in my opinion. But Bendtner wants to go, whereas Chamakh doesn't so it's probably best to keep him and sell Bendtner.

My question about him is: 'Is he good enough?' I think he is good enough to be backup on his day. But he hasn't been on his day since Novermber. I would much rather us get a keen, pacey striker in there instead of him or play Walcott or Gervinho there in van Persie's absence.

In conclusion, I don't think we should 'get rid' because we don't want our squad to be too small, especially with all the injuries we seem to suffer from but I do think he needs to buck up his act. I am going to the Emirates Cup at the weekend and I would like to see Gervinho or Walcott played upfront and I think then we'd know how needed Chamakh is.

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