Sunday, 30 October 2011

Van Persie on fire at Arsenal outclass Chelsea

Well the Everton v Man Utd game disappointed. It did so in terms of how entertaining the game was, how many goals there were and what the atmopshere was like. But what certianly didn't disappoint was Chelsea v Arsenal.

And to think, I was only 10 minutes away from my 3-3 prediction being spot on correct! Not that I'm disappointed as I'm truly ectstatic with the 5-3 win. John Terry's slip to allow Van Persie to run in clean through on goal to put us 4-3 up with 5 minutes of normal time left has got to be one of the funniest things in football during my lifetime as a football supporter. The irony of it happening right after this whole racism row about John Terry was comedy gold too.

In all seriousness though, it was a fantastic win, that could be massive. No exxageration. It could boost our season immensely. Confidence will increase, belief will increase and opposition teams will fear us more now. I think it was fabulous, especially for the likes of Koscielny, who had a terrific game, Djourou, to up his confidence, Ramsey, Arteta, Van Persie and in particular Walcott and Gervinho who contributed highly and Theo had his best game yet this season. Which will up his confidence and perhaps spring him into form.

Quick Fact: Robin Van Persie scored more goals at Stamford Bridge on Saturday than Fernando Torres has managed in his career there. Says it all.

This is a quick article though, and I may elaborate on it more tomorrow but for now I'm just going to wrap up with my match ratings:

Szczesny- 7
Djourou- 7
Mertesacker- 7
Koscielny- 9
Santos- 6
Song- 9
Rambo- 9
Arteta- 8
Walcott- 9
Gervinho- 9
Van 'the man' Persie- 9

Jenkinson- 7
Verminator- 6
Rosicky- 7


  1. Van The Man - I see your dad's influence.

  2. Not at all. Why, did he call somebody that?

    And I see you were able to comment this time, that's a good sign.