Thursday, 26 April 2012

London 2012- Day 3

After Saturday being revolved around the football, we were back to sight- seeing on Sunday. On Friday we'd seen Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus (which I learnt is Latin for 'Circle'), Hyde Park Corner, Covent Garden and a bit of Leicester Square I think.

So what was left? Ah yes, the open top London bus tour and the museums. We started with breakfast again, only this time with a lot less football fans around. I grabbed a muffin on my way out again, for some reason this amused my Dad. He said I was being like you Unc Dunc. I wasn't aware of your apparently notorious muffin stealing days.

So anyway, after much searching we found the starting point of the open top bus tours thanks to a dodgy Del boy-ish character that sold us the tickets for it. The weather was very cold but we sat on the top deck anyway, underneath the shelter at the front. I was quietly enjoying that, listening to the woman speaking in the earphones (a recording, not a miniature woman) when some German sounding bloke came and plonked himself next to me. I budged up for some reason, fully aware that I'd tried the earphones in that seat a few minutes ago, only to find out that they didn't work. Despite this I budged up, thinking they might be working again. I'm too nice at times. It still didn't work. Between us, we managed to get the frankly quite rude foreigner away so he could badger someone else and I got my earphones back. Lesson for future reference: be a miserable bastard to anyone who tries to sit next to me on an open top bus tour, especially when they're quite rude.

We got off after a while and wandered round, quite lost. But we eventually found the museums. We saw the History one had a looooooooooong cue, but we managed to find the disabled entrance round the side of the building and walsed in there no problem. I must say, it wasn't really my can of Pepsi Max. It was too Geographical and made me feel that I was on a boring school trip with Ms Bruce from A- Level Geography. The Science one wasn't much better, again not my sort of thing, but it wasn't the worst thing ever. One or two things in there mildly interested me, but not enough to make me want to stay for longer than half an hour. Still, it was nice to see what they were like and now I can say 'I've been to the London museums', which is also nice.

We then went back on the bus tour for what turned out to be a longer time than expected and planned. We ended up stuck in traffic for ages but on the plus side, we got to see more sights and we happened to be stuck in horrendous traffic on Tower Bridge, looking out towards London bridge whilest Dad gave me updates of Man Utd v Aston Villa on his phone behind me. We eventually got off and walked to the nearest tube station. Shut. So we had to get a bus back to Piccadilly before getting the tube there to Kings Cross as we now needed to get back there for going home time, unfortunately.

We both had a burger at the freezing cold train station and sadly caught the train home. We were sat right behind a bunch oof loud Doncaster lasses and I read and finished my Jason Manford autobiography. We arrived back at Wakefield Westgate just after 10pm and Mum met us on the platform before driving us home. It was sad to be home, the hardest part was accepting that we wouldn't be going back there in a few weeks for the final.

Overall, it was a lovely weekend and, despite the result, I enjoyed myself very much. I'd love to do it again and will be very keen for Everton to get to Wembley again next year. Maybe more than once this time, who knows?


  1. Cheeky buggers - muffin stealing - p'ah! I did it properly mate, a tupperware box is what you want in your lap, make some sandwiches with the cold meats, a couple of Danish pastries, and a few bits of fruit, maybe a yoghurt - lunch taken care of. I was taught by the best - your Gran & Grandad. Also make sure you take all coffee, tea and sugar sachets before leaving the room each morning, and don't forget the soaps and shampoos - they replenish every day - you've paid for them, you takes them - do it right and your drinks are sorted for about a fortnight when you get home.
    Excellent reading young man. Though you missed out the bit were you asked your Dad if he wanted to be on TV.

  2. Ah yes. I keep remembering bits I've missed out actually so I'm going to do a 'Missed Out Bits' piece tomorrow.

    Good tips on the food/ drink/ toiletries stealing, though you missed out taking pictures off the walls, all the salt out of the salt container on the table. Same with vinegar, pepper, ketchup etc. You wouldn't have to shop for weeks!

  3. It's not stealing, it's optimising what you've paid for. Taking pictures off the wall is stealing, tho I did have an ashtray once and I don't even smoke. Look forward to tomorrow's post.