Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bayern Munich v Chelsea: A win/ win situation

Saturday's Champions League Final is a win/ win situation for Arsenal football club and it's supporters. Either Chelsea lose it or Tottenham miss out on Champions League football next season.

Either of those scenarios works out for us. I personally want Bayern to win it. I can't stand the idea of Chelsea being crowned 'Champions of Europe', particularly when you consider how average they've been this season. We'd have to listen to their fans sing stuff like 'Champions of Europe' next season and they'd be able to attract top quality players to mount another Champions League winners challenge and a Premier League title challenge, hence making it harder for Arsenal to be able to do the same, due to increased competition.

However, on the plus side, this would mean Tottenham's season will not only have gone down the toilet, but it would have been flushed securely. They would be in serious danger of losing the likes of Luka Modric, Gareth Bale and maybe one or two others, as well as finding it hard to attract Champions League standard players. This would be very good news for Arsenal as it would mean they'd find it harder to attract the same sort of players that we would be going after, like Jan Verthongen, hence making it easier for us to sign them and strengthen. It would also make them weaker competition next season and make it harder for them in future seasons to challenge for Champions League football, trophies and the bragging rights of finishing above Arsenal.

If Chelsea do lose the final, they're looking at Europa League football next season after a 6th place finish this season, hence making them a much less attractive proposition for managers and players. Think about how hard it will be for them to attract a top manager and top players. They'll really struggle to challenge for trophies and long term success if they can't attract good enough players.

But overall, I would rather Tottenham be in the Champions League, than Chelsea win it. Partly because of the thought of a team I hate winning it to become Champions of Europe, but also because I see them as a bigger threat long term to our hopes of becoming title challengers and winners in the future.

So, either way, it's win/ win, something positive has to come out of the final, therefore we can just sit back and relax, knowing one of our most hated teams will suffer.

Ooh to be a Gooner eh?

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