Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Disaster Strikes: Who is the biggest bell end?

It has been announced from the horses mouth that Robin Van Persie will not be extending his Arsenal contract. Now, there are at least 3 people who want seriously looking at here and deserve to be showered with criticism.

One of those is Van Persie himself. The man has just finished his first injury- free season at the club and he's already setting his heart on buggering off. He's ditching the club that has shown him such patience, loyalty and faith by sticking with him through his ill- disciplined younger days and his persistent injury problems year after frigging year.

What happened to loyalty? Van Persie should be shwoing loyalty to the manager, the club and, most importantly, the people who always seem to get undeservedly ingorned by these over- payed, over- privileged bastards that couldn't give two hoots about them because they're too busy in their bubbles, the fans.

Us fans have been supporting him for years, singing his name for years and worshipping him. He's on silly money at Arsenal, he's playing in the Champions League and possibly challenging for trophies this season. He also has 60,000 home fans and a cult following of away fans cheering him on, supporting him loyally and singing his name every week. And how does he repay that faith and loyalty? He refuses to sign a new contract and will probably leave, therefore leaving the club and the people that suffer from it the most- the fans, in the crapper. It's typical Dutch egotistical arrogance and disrespect to much more loyal, hard working people than himself. And then he's got the cheek to say he 'loves the club'. If you really loved it dick mouth, you'd stay and want to achieve success with it, rather than walking out on it. Footballers really thing we'll believe anything don't they? Stupid cunts.

A man that deserves even more criticism is Arsene bloody Wenger. A 'has been' that is still living on past glories and, for some reason, still has the adoration of a lot of Arsenal fans he's brainwashed and deluded. Mr '4th place's a trophy' needs to go in my opinion. I've been saying it for a while now. He is showing a sheer lack of ambition yet again and is just taking us further away from success year by year.

You can tell by Van Persie's statement that the reason is going is because Wenger is saying he won't spend big and buy the players that have the capability to help us to glory, instead he will buy unknown French teenagers that will be good in 3 years before they fuck off to Man City in 3 and half years. Van Persie says 'it has again become clear to me that we in many aspects disagree on the way Arsenal FC should move forward.' This to me implies that Wenger and Gazidis aren't going to be showing serious ambition in the transfer market and Van Persie is thinking 'well, I'll go somewhere where the club cares about trophies and shows ambition'.

It's the same every year with this clown. He doesn't correct his flaws, he persists with his stubborn, out of date transfer and 'tactics' policies, whilst the club don't even come close to winning anything, leading to us fans being ridiculed every year by rival fans such as Chelsea's and Man Utd's, to whom we're a laughing stock now. The way things are going, Tottenham, Liverpool and maybe even Everton and Newcastle could overtake us and we become a Europa League club at best, with that apparently unsackable 'can do no wrong' Frenchman leading further into the sewage soaked abyss that is mediocrity and failure.

Oh yeah and where's Ivan Gazidis during all of this? On fucking holiday! Thanks Ivan, you're really helping out there. Perhaps next month you could shag Jack Wilshere's girlfriend so he gets pissed off and moves to Man Utd or something.He's another one that'll e more worried about the club's bank balance rather than it's success, which is what football's all about at the end of the day (and during it too). He'll be showing Van Persie how little ambition or drive he's got for success at Arsenal. What does he do anyway? Is he actually of any use, or does he just organise charity events? God knows.

As you can probably tell, I'm really pissed off and disillusioned with what's going on at Arsenal, whilst also very worried about the future of the club. The overall problems are: a lack of loyalty from Van Persie, a lack of ambition AGAIN from Wenger and the club in general, and a lack of... well, anything useful from Ivan Gazidis.

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