Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Proud to be a part of Everton FC

I've just got home from the Leeds v Everton match and I'm very disappointed with the result. Gutted actually. I'm an Arsenal fan but I do have affections and allegiances towards Everton. I come from a heritage of Evertonians and I've been going to Everton games regularly for about 6 years now.

It gives me tingles and makes me proud when I look all around me and see passionate, supportive, principalled Everton supporters in their masses cheering on the team and urging them on, with their arms in the air, whilst also protecting the honour of their club from scum like frankly pathetic and deluded Leeds United fans. They supported the team throughout and 5000 Toffees travelled to an away League Cup 3rd round game, which shows quality support.

It's just brilliant to be in among those Scouse rapscallions, who don't get the praise they deserve by the way. Passionate, loud, principalled, supportive and they even have a lot of humour- more than most.

I always feel at home when I go over to Liverpool and am around Everton supporters, whereas I feel like a stranger in Leeds. It's just an area that breathes football, the people there are generally a lot nicer and are, in a way, like brothers. Brothers of Everton FC, brothers of Liverpool city. And I love going there and being a part of Everton football club.

Tonight I'm filled with regret and frustration, but also pride and honour. My first club is Arsenal, they're the team I fell in love with, but Everton also have a big place in my heart. I don't think you can be in a better place in the country than around there- in terms of the people that inhabit it.

So there you go, there's my soppy Everton story!

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