Monday, 24 September 2012

Uni Ventures

I haven't submitted a blog post in what feels like ages. I generally convey my outbursts of emotions and thoughts on Arsenal on Twitter nowadays so don't feel the same urge to blog about them. I'll still try to blog at least every now and then about my red and white beloved, but for now I've decided to blog about my first week at Leeds Metropolitan University studying English Literature.

I officially started last Monday after a brief induction the week prior to that. It's been quite good so far and I've bedded in quite well. The old cliche about 'making new friends' isn't working out too well, everyone seems nice but you've got to let these things develop over time. How weird would it be if I went up to someone and said 'will you be my friend?' But most people I've encountered seem nice and polite, students and tutors. Fortunately, I'm not all alone as I know a few girls from college, some of whom are in some of the same classes as me.

My favourite tutor is the bloke who leads the 'Writing In A Time Of Violence' module, he scored points with me today when we were discussing Northern Ireland's history (yes, on an English Literature course) and he put up a picture of margaret thatcher (she doesn't deserve capital letters) and he encouraged us to have a margaret thatcher bashing session for a few minutes as she came up. Too right too, the woman's an absolute disgrace. We all enjoyed taking the piss out of the old cretin.

The other thing about him is he look like the actor who plays 'The Thing' in 'The Fantastic Four'. Obviously not when he's transformed into 'The Thing'! But when he's Ben Grimm. My 'Postcolonial City' tutor is hot to be honest, it's a she by the way! There's plenty of totty around the place, a lot more than there was at college, so it's not that bad at the moment.

I've read a (slightly boring) 244 page book in three and a half days, which I'm immensely proud of. Reading has never been my forte and I'm very proud that I disciplined myself to read a whole book that quickly, and during a weekend no less. Now I'm getting started with the next fucker.

Excuse the French, but I do like the use of swear words every now and then. I've learnt watching stand- up comedy that they can occasionally brighten up a statement or joke and actually make it that bit funnier, or add emphasis. So don't mock the use of the word 'fucker', just grow up and get on with it- in the nicest way possible of course.

I'm rambling, I sometimes do that. In fact, I'm doing it again. Just go off on a tangent yapping about some unrelated topic... meh.

Anyway, onwards and upwards to tomorrow's grand total of 1 hour worth of seminars and lectures! I've only got 6 hours of lectures and seminars a week, which is pretty awesome. But I also will be working a lot out of lesson hours to be fair. Oh, and I'm also very excited about Leeds v Everton tomorrow night, can't wait to go!

Up the Toffees... and the Gooners on Wednesday and Saturday!

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