Friday, 26 October 2012

Ready for the best fixture in football

It's Everton v Liverpool on Sunday and I can't wait. It's my favourite football fixture full stop. I love going, the feeling of the game and around the ground and the atmosphere is terrific, and the passion it involves really budges the game up that extra notch and gives it something not many other fixtures have.

I genuinely think it will be a very good game as well. I'm hoping Fellaini's back to compensate for the loss of Pienaar and if that's the case I think Everton will win. I think it will be tight and that both teams will score, after all it's been 5 Goodison Park Merseyside derby fixtures since both sides scored in the same game (Everton 1-2 Liverpool in 2007).

I'm really looking forward to it, hopefully an Arsenal win tomorrow against QPR can set it up beautifully for me and it's a good, entertaining game with no wrongful sending offs and an Everton victory.

Everything about it spells intrigue and excitement for me, from walking to the ground to standing in the ground waiting for the game to kick off and soaking up the atmosphere from both sets of fans and then the passion, noise, chances, goals and drama of the game.

I think Everton will line up as follows: Howard, Coleman Jagielka, Distin, Baines, Naismith, Neville, Osman, Mirallas, Fellaini, Jelavic.


Liverpool: Reina, Wisdom, Skrtel, Agger, Johnson, Gerrard, Allen, Sahin, Suso, Suarez, Sterling.

The players to watch for Everton are probably going to be Fellaini, Jelavic and Mirallas, but Baines, Osman, Coleman and Naismith are threats as well with just shows how good Everton are nowadays, they've improved a lot and have plenty of talent and variety in their team.

Then the stand out players for Liverpool are obviously Suarez and Gerrard, whom they are very reliant on nowadays after their gradual decline over the last few years. However Sterling has impressed so far this season and that Suso looks quite bright and Sahin's a decent player.

It all makes for a very interesting derby and I can't wait to get there!


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