Monday, 22 October 2012

The Harsh truth about Arsene Wenger

Ironically on his birthday, I'm going to write about how the stubborn Frenchman is slowly destroying our clubs chances of success year by year and why we should get rid of him and replace him with someone new, with fresh ideas and approaches.

Are people seriously happy with Wenger? I keep seeing people wish him a happy birthday on Twitter, saying stuff like 'no- one can do what Wenger can' and 'Arsene knows' and it's all a load of deluded drivel.

What DOES he do? Year after year he continously fails to show true ambition in the transfer market, sells our best players, approaches games against bottom half teams carelessly and arrogantly and still doesn't take the cup competitions seriously enough. He isn't trophy driven enough, he lacks a desire for silverware and he has stood by and watched our defence hold us back for 7 years without doing a thing until Steve Bould came in to sort it out.

The man's well past his sell by date as an Arsenal manager and it drives me mad to see so many deluded Arsenal fans worship him and agree with him on everything, no matter what he says. He could say that the sky is red and people would believe and come out with that cringworthy phrase over and over again: 'Arsene knows'. Yeah, Arsene knows how to fuck up year after year. They worship him and praise him... and for what? So they can see him piss around in the cups, not show enough ambition and let our best players' contracts run out until they have to be sold and not replaced properly.

Over recent years we've become a joke to rival teams, we look less and less like winning anything every season and we fans continuously take the mockery from rival fans for his failings and same old flaws. I could see Arsenal's defeat at Norwich coming a mile off, you could tell we'd approach the game arrogantly, without any tactics and be careless, it's the same old Wenger controlled Arsenal mentality for these sorts of games a lot of the time. We drop silly points EVERY season, and too many of them, to bottom of the league teams- last season we did it several times; Wolves, QPR, Blackburn, Bolton, Norwich, Swansea and Wigan.

It's the same old. We haven't got a manager who leads well enough or shows these teams enough respect, Man Utd, Man City and Chelsea would have at least drawn that game on Saturday, they'd have approached it better- more prepared and professionally, but Wenger doesn't make the team determined enough for these games, how many times do we go to places like Sunderland looking lethargic and out of sorts? It's careless arrogance and it comes from the manager.

We need someone with fresh ideas and a bigger desire for trophies. We play Reading away in the Capital One Cup next week, a Premier League team away from home. What line- up will we play? Will we play the first team because we're desperate for some much needed silverware? Or will we play squad players and youth players for no good reason and either get knocked out at Reading or in the Quarter finals? We know already what will happen. He treats that competition like a training competition, it's not treated seriously enough and yet it's a great chance for Arsenal to win something for once. But no, we'll waste our time by playing the likes of Arshavin and Djourou and end up trophyless again at the end of the season, before a lot of deluded Arsenal fans blindly trust him no matter what and say 'well, Arsene knows, he'll win something for us next season'.

It's utter delusion and it is a genuine question: what does Wenger actually do that earns him his job as Arsenal manager? Not to mention his £7 million a year that he picks up for the privilege, and why the hell he's never under any pressure when it comes to his job. A little bit of pressure could be the kick up the back side he needs.

So to sum up, this is what Arsene Wenger is currently bringing to Arsenal:
  • A lack of desire to win silverware
  • A lack of serious enough ambition in the transfer market
  • A habit of selling our best players not matter what the consequences
  • A careless and inconsistent attitude towards games against 'lesser' teams
  • He always leaves us at least 2 players short of challenging for the title
  • Stubborn transfer policies- buying French players/ French league players like Giroud for cheaper money rather than buying more proven and better talent
  • A lack of care towards defensive tactics and frailties

The man needs to go. I've given you plenty of reasons why, can you give me as many reasons why he should stay? Or even ANY for that matter?

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