Friday, 4 February 2011

The Cesc Fabregas Saga

I'm almost fed up of hearing about this. But I'd like to be able to air my views about it. What did Cesc Fabregas do wrong?

Well, from an Everton perspective he 'questioned the integrity of the club' according to David 'I have had something against Fabregas ever since the Arteta elbow incident in December 2007' Moyes. I can understand why he'd say this, but I think Cesc's intention was to question the referee, not Everton.

From an Arsenal perspective, absolutely nothing. It's nice to see such passion from our players rather than players like Adebayor who probably would have danced down the tunnel rather than portraying his disgust at that ridiculous decision to allow the goal. We want to see our players showing passion. If I had seen no-one, especially not our captain, complaining about it I would have been thinking 'Come on, where's your care and your passion?'

And as I ever so slightly hinted about two paragraphs ago, David Moyes (I can't be bothered typing his middle name out again) has had it in for Fabregas since that incident back in December 07 when we won there 4-1 and Arteta got sent of for elbowing Fabregas. It has always been pretty obvious he doesn't like Cesc or Arsenal in the slightest and this has heightened his reaction to this incident.

And of course, my Everton supporting family will probably argue I'm looking at it through red- tinted glasses and to be fair, if this happened the other way around and Wenger was criticising Phil Neville I would be on his side. But I do not think Cesc Fabregas has done anything wrong, I think he questioned the referee's integrity, not Everton's. He's not actually saying that Everton have given Lee Mason money to make decisions like that, it's a heat of the moment comic exxageration.

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