Wednesday, 16 February 2011

What a night!

It's never dull being an Arsenal fan is it? It's hard for me to describe just how delirious and ecstatic I am right now. I've been nervous all day about this game, but that makes it worth it. A fantastic night and performance that makes me so proud to be an Arsenal supporter. Everyone from Jack Wilshere to Laurent Koscielny to the fans were brilliant tonight.

I hate Barcelona, because of their off the field comments, I think a lot of their players and senior staff have been incredibly disrespectful to Arsenal over recent times and they also dive and moan a lot on the pitch, but they are a great side and I admire any team that plays excellent football (unless Tottenham one day start playing great football).

So we have done fantastically to beat a great side. I know it's two legs and it's only 'half time' but screw that, I want to enjoy this win! Not only was it great to defend well overall, play great football, attack well and score two goals but it was also brilliant to show such mental strength and desire to win and come back from being a goal behind as well as managing to chase them down and keep our fitness throughout the game.

That was probably the most impressive performance I've ever seen from Jack Wilshere. I thought he was outstanding, he didn't put a foot wrong and won battles against the likes of Messi, Xavi and Busquets so often. His discipline, his tackling, his positioning, passing, commitment and desire were fantastic. He's just a brilliant player and believe it or not, he'll probably improve every year for the next few!

Laurent Koscielny was a rock, getting the better of Messi, Iniesta and co. so often and defending well in every department, from his focus, determination and his reading of the game. I think everyone was fantastic and it's harsh on the others to pick out players. I might do another article about this tomorrow but for now, I'm just going to finish with my match ratings:

Szceszny 8
Eboue 7
Djourou 8
Koscielny 9
Clichy 9 (gets +1 for the goal)
Song 8
Fabregas 8 (gets +1 for the 2nd goal)
Wilshere 10
Walcott 7
Nasri 8  (gets +1 for the 2nd goal)
van Persie 9 (gets +1 for the goal)

Arshavin 8 (gets +1 for the 2nd goal)
Bendtner 7

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