Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Sheer Audacity

I can't believe Ryan Shawcross has the gall to criticise Arsene Wenger AGAIN for having said negative things about his tackle last season on Aaron Ramsey. Here are his quotes:

"He has a habit of saying things like that but I'm big enough to deal with it. He has been doing it for a long time but it's not going to affect me."

"He can say what he wants, it will just make me stronger. I've said it before, he seems to have a problem with Stoke but we'll let our performances talk."

Firstly, he doesn't 'have a problem' with Stoke for no reason, he has a problem with talentless thugs breaking his players' legs. I think Tony Pulis would have had a moan had Ramsey broken Shawcross' leg.

Secondly, he has criticised players for this for 'a long time' because it keeps happening to his players! I notice that Stoke never suffer from any of this yet Arsenal have had three in four years. So I think Arsene has every right to convey his disgust at this, particularly when it happens to a young, upcoming player.

Thirdly, 'we'll let our performances talk' is a comment that brings a smile to my face. Oh yeah, you mean those leg- breaking performances that have proved to be so successful in recent times with Arsenal having beaten Stoke on the last three league occasions?

What a complete idiot. I think I take Arsene Wenger's word more seriously as he is 100 times more intelligent than that troll.

Anyway, rant over. It's disappointing that form players Robin van Persie and Laurent Koscielny are out tonight but I'm still confident of a win. Hopefully Nicky Bendtner and Squillaci can prove to be good, capable squad players tonight as this is a good test of how good our squad depth is. Can we cope when two important players are out? I think we can and we will tonight.

I say Nicklas Bendtner, it could be Marouane Chamakh. But I expect Bendtner (hate typing his name, I always spell it wrong at first) to take the field tonight given his recent form and Chamakh's. It's pretty harsh but I would expect Arshavin to be on the bench with the fresh legs of Nasri and Walcott returning. I would probably agree with that should it be the case tonight.

A positive bit of injury news is that Johan Djourou is back which is important as he is just what we need to cope with their aerial threat, and with Koscielny being out. I am predicting us to go a point behind Man Utd tonight with a 3-0 win, with Fabregas, Bendtner and Nasri with the goals. Maybe Arshavin too. 3 of those four anyway!

Come on you Gunners!

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