Sunday, 21 August 2011

It's Good to be Back

It seems strange to feeling like this what with Arsenal losing at home to Liverpool just before I sat down to watch Everton v QPR in my Goodison seat.

I wasn't too gutted to be honest by Arsenal's defeat, I kind of expected it after we went down to 10 men, having gone into the game already missing a lot of first team players anyway. I was disappointed but not gutted.

I found out that poncey faced Uruguayan had put the dirty side of Merseyside 2-0 up at theatre of beautiful football just after my first bog trip at Goodsion Park in three months, but I was still buoyed about the Everton game.

I'd missed going to Everton games over the last 3 months, and the buzz you get when you're excited about one and enjoying a nice wet Saturday afternoon full of football. Yeah, that's what Saturday's all about for me (with the exception of Arsenal losing of course).

Yep, a nice Spag Bol and piece of chocolate cake at my Gran's, followed by a drive to the game where we park up and walk to the ground, working off some of that chocolate cake in the process. We then take our seats to watch the game. I sit back, relax and enjoy what is 9/10 at least a 'good' game of football in a usually a good atmosphere. Oh, and a good pouring of rain is the icing on the cake, good footy weather!

Yesterday it was newly promoted QPR who came to play Everton. It was a decent game played in the perfect football atmosphere- rain and plenty of noise from both sets of supporters. Everton had a few chances, QPR one or two and there was the odd contoversial incident as there always is at Everton.

Then, after about half an hour Tommy Smith curled a beautiful shot into the corner of the Park End net to open the scoring. I actually thought it had been disallowed at first due to Kevin Friend blowing his whistle to try to stop the QPR players going to celebrate with their fans (God forbid that in football).

QPR didn't really create much after that, it was all Everton who declined as the game went on. Overall, it was an enjoyable game that just missed the better result of Everton getting something from the game. It wasn't even spoilt by the angry spitter behind me who gave me a shower and a half as his temper got more and more out of control during a 20 minute spell in the second half.

Another great thing about going to Everton is the mickey taking side of it. For example 'Hairy Ears' was on top form, giving us a good view of his tremendously hairy ears at half time. Also, 'Mad Man' had a stormer, conveying his madness at every possible opportunity.

All that was missing was an Arsenal win, and a more animated performance from referee hater.

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