Sunday, 28 August 2011

Pride and Humiliation all in the same day

I come away from today's embarassing defeat proud to be an Arsenal fan as the Arsenal fans at the game today were absolutely amazing. They sung their hearts out and supported the team until the end, which is saying a lot when you bare in mind what the score was.

However, the team was a shambles defensively. It may sound bizarre after getting beaten 8-2, but we were acually good going forward. It was the most dangerous and creative we've been at Old Trafford in a fair few attempts. Not many teams score 2 at OT either, but...

At the back we were awful. Djourou and Jenkisnon had shockers, but I'm not going to criticise Jenkinson, he's very inexperienced and always tried very hard. Djourou however is just an idiot. He's nowhere near good enough for a top four team, it surprises me how good he looked for a portion of last season because now he looks about as useful as Wenger himself would be at centre half. He doesn't make the right decisions, he doesn't mark well, he's not dominant enough and he's not strong enough either.

Koscielny was poor too, he lacks aggression and dominance but he's a good player all the same and is a good asset to the squad at least. Traore needs to go. I can only imagine that no bugger wants him and that's why we've still got him. Otherwise we'd have been better keeping Eboue and getting shut of him.

On the plus side, at least the Spuds got battered at home! And Coquelin looked a hot prospect for the future, as do a lot of our players to be fair. We just need more players for the here and now. We didn't deserve to lose 8-2. Man Utd were ridiculously clinical and we were punished for it. We got them at a terrible time and they got us at an unbelievable great time. A justified scoreline would have been 4-2 to MU I think.

Arsene Wenger has got 3 or so days to sign at least 2 players, but 3 would be ideal. A centre back like Samba or Cahill, a centre midfielder like Diarra or Parker and a left or right back like Izaguirre from Celtic.

Arsenal 'till I die!

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