Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Stop holding us back!

Arsene Wenger is driving me mad. His policies on spending money are ridiculous and he is holding the club back as a result. Our rivals spend more than pittence on wages and player acquisitions and we don't. It's embarassing.

It would be bad enough anyway, but at the weekend we got smashed 8-2. As if you need anything more to shove you into gear to sign players after you've lost 2 of your best players. What he should have done was actually do some business before the last 2 days of the transfer window, but no he has to wait longer to save half a million probably on a transfer.

He's got about 80- 100 million pounds burning a hole in his pocket so what does he do? Pull out of signing Arteta and settle for a loan deal on Benayoun, someone who has barely played football in a year and doesn't get into Chelsea's team. Just spend the money you tight- fisted prick!

Why not spend £30- 35 million on Tevez today? Why not sign another centre back such as Cahill or Alex? Why not spend the money required for the transfer and wages of Arteta? It's too late to get picky on wages and transfer funds with a few hours left of the window. We're in DESPERATE need of players. Sign some!

Not only that, but it's not just us supporters that will be pissed off, it's our current players too. Robin Van Persie (Arsenal's best player) has 2 years left on his contract. Will he sign another one once we've finished outside the top four and won fuck all again at the end of the season? No.

How is that good for the club?

I think we need to get rid of this clown and get someone who is going to spend the money we have available and not on young players like Chamberlain who aren't going to be able to contribute highly to our season. The man has lost it and needs to be replaced.

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