Saturday, 17 March 2012

Wembley Waits, and Melted Butter Crisps

I was hoping to be excited about a trip to Wembley by now. However, Sunderland have denied me, and several thousand other people, that wish. Everton drew with Sunderland 1-1 in what was an enjoyable day, with a very good, entertaining first half.

I'm not too optimistic about Everton getting to the semi- finals now, as I'm not too convinced that they will win at Sunderland in the replay. They might, but I don't particularly fancy them at this moment in time. Both teams are on a par with each other really, roughly at the same level, and home advantage could be the decider of the replay. Form could also come into play, which doesn't bode well for Everton- their games prior to the replay with Sunderland being Arsenal (H) and Swansea (A) whereas Sunderland's are Blackburn (A) and QPR (H) so they have the easier games on paper and I would expect them to be going into the Everton game on better form than the Toffees.

But all is not lost and they are in the draw tomorrow, which is the main thing. It's not exactly like going to Barcelona and getting a result, it's only Sunderland, so Everton have a decent chance of pulling off a result that would make me, my Dad and many other Evertonians very happy.

Also, I was pleasantly surpirsied by our seats for today's game, a good view and not too far back at all. Just at the right level actually. The only problem was a pillar blocking part of the goalmouth/ penalty area of the Park End, but overall, they were good seats compared to what I was expecting.

Another little glitch on them was that they happened to be right next to the seat where a young girl was sat, eating some awfully smelling crisps! I don't why, but they seemed to smell like melted butter, which was horrible. It might not have been them, some wierdo behind us could have been eating a bar of butter, but I suspect that's unlikely and that the girl was the culprit! She had a bag in the first half, then another (or maybe she was still on the first one) in the second. Very smelly. It made the Bovril smell I've sometimes complained about at the football smell like a bunch of roses.

Anyway, our much eagerly anticipated trip to Wembley is on hold. How long for? Hopefully just a few weeks, rather than a year or few, or more. There's perhaps a 40% chance of us getting there, but who knows what the result will be in the replay with Sunderland? Especially in the cup.

In conclusion, Wembley is still possible this season.

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