Friday, 9 September 2011

Protesting 3 games into the season...

Only at Everton would you find protests this early on. Maybe Newcastle as well but they are pretty insane up there. Granted I'm not very familiar with protest marches but I love how the 'Blue Union' (dramatic title) have emphasised it will be a 'friendly' protest. I have this vision of getting to the ground tomorrow to see a thousand Everton fans with flame- throwers and grenades calling for Bill Ken'wrong'* to be hung before kick off.

Don't get me wrong, I don't necessarily disagree with the protests but I think Everton fans sum up football fans generally. They think that money is no object, but they need to realise they aren't Man City. They can't afford to spend loads of money when they haven't got any. They just need to accept their club is skint and be proud of what they have achieved over the last few years because they have done brilliantly and it's a great club with passionate fans, a great stadium and a good team that has made it to the FA Cup final, broken the top four up at the expense of Liverpool briefly and got into Europe a few times, and with not much dosh. It's all a bit spoilt if you ask me. It's like a group of children throwing paddies because their parents won't buy them the new Action Man/ Spiderman/ Barbie doll^.

I don't have any strong negative feelings towards Everton fans, I'm talking about us fans in general. We forget sometimes that football doesn't revolve around us and that money doesn't grow on trees even in the beautiful game (or at Stoke). Even if it does grow in the players' bank accounts and at certain clubs like Man City and Man Utd.

Anyway, I'll look forward to seeing the protests tomorrow as well as the real reason we all go of course, the match itself. Everton v Aston Villa is always feisty and entertaining and often has a lot of goals in it, I enjoy the rivalry between them too as it's played like a semi- derby if you like.

* Don't shoot the messenger for that name.

^ I used to love getting Spiderman action figures, they used to come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Not only Spidey himself but also villians like Doc Oc, Scorpion and occassionally made up ones I think. He also used to have loads of 'away kits' as my Dad liked to call them. Spidey could be kitted out in blue, black, yellow or multi- coloured stripes and with a car or boat or flying elephant. You name it, the Spidey action figures had it. Brilliant.

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