Thursday, 31 January 2013

Why Wenger Isn't Good Enough Anymore

I'm so disillusioned with Arsenal FC at the moment. I can't understand the football club at all these days and one of the people I'm most frustrated with is Arsene Wenger. I can't understand why he's still in a job at Arsenal quite frankly. The man's living on past glories, has not delivered success in the last 8 years, he's been selling our best players (mostly to divisional rivals), he has not addressed our problems properly in recent years and doesn't show anywhere near enough ambition in the transfer market. And for all these failures and inadequacies, he's on £7 million a year. Unbelievable.

Any man that thinks an Arsenal side in 6th place and 21 points off the top of the league can't be adequately improved is hopelessly out of touch and shouldn't be the Arsenal manager. I'm just going to simply list the other reasons why he shouldn't be in a job at Arsenal:

1. His lack of transfer activity and lack of ambition in the transfer market. That's not just this season, that's the last few seasons. If you think about the players we actually could have had and for what money,this could've been our line- up:

                             Sagna            G Cahill/ Koscielny Vermaelen    Verthongen
                             Nasri/ Cazorla        De Jong        Wilshere         Mata
                                                             Huntelaar          Van Persie
So not only have we missed out on players such as Mata, Huntelaar and De Jong but if we'd have bought these types of players and shown the right level of ambition, we'd have probably kept the likes of Van Persie and Nasri as well. Apart from Mata, none of those players cost loads of money- Mata was £24 million and chose Chelsea over Arsenal because he felt Chelsea were 'more likely to win trophies', so we had the money and were in for him, the reason he didn't join was because of our lack of ambition resulting in no success every season. Huntelaar went to Schalke for £12 million, imagined if we'd have bought him instead of them in the summer of 2010 and partnered him with Van Persie? De Jong and Cahill were £7 million each, Verthongen was £10 million, these are sums of money we've spent in recent seasons so we could have had these players. Instead we wasted it away on players not good enough for the top level like Mertesacker, Santos and Gervinho.
If you think about other players we could have had, there was the likes of Scott Parker and Rafael Van Der Vaart that we didn't even go for when they went for reasonable prices.
2. Poor judgement of players nowadays, has made very poor signings like : Santos, Silvestre, Squillaci, Gervnho, Mertesacker, Chamakh, Park and has persisted in the likes of Diaby, Djourou, Denilson, Traore, Mannone, Ramsey and Arshavin. That's a long list of errors of judgement by Wenger. Santos is a great example, he's a pathetically poor player who doesn't seem to approach games seriously enough, he just pratts around and jokes about and is a massive liability in the side, he can't defend, he does silly things on regular basis and yet Wenger doesn't coach it out of him or tell him to stop the silly errors by playing with a more serious, simple head on, he doesn't refuse to play him because he's clearly not good enough- he instead sticks with him.
3. We're STILL sloppy defensively. We've been sloppy and weak at the back now for 7, maybe 8, years. Has this problem being addressed by the man in charge who's on £7 million a year? No. We brought in Steve Bould in the summer as assistant manager and he was supposed to help sure things up at the back and it seemed to be working. 3 clean sheets in 3 games, we didn't concede many at all in the first few weeks of the season and then after the 2-1 home defeat to Chelsea, that seemed to just go out of the window. We were defending as a unit, seemed to have proper defensive tactics for once and yet that suddenly stopped. Why? I just don't get how we didn't employ someone to impliment defensive tactics into the side ages before this season considering Wenger clearly hasn't been capable and even now we have, we don't seem to be letting Bould do it. It staggers me how inept Wenger is defensively, he just doesn't seem to care about defending and has no idea how to impliment defensive tactics. What's he actually getting paid for?

Our first choice back four is actually pretty good in my opinion. We just don't have adequate enough cover and our tactics are awful defensively. The manager refuses to play with tactics that help us defend and this brings out the worst in us defensively as well as our actual defenders. Thomas Vermaelen looked the bees knees a couple of years ago in his first season, now he looks a shadow of that player, probably because the awful tactics of Wenger (or lack of tactics) have made him look inferiorto his former self. We need tactics and proper team organisation to defend but Wenger doesn't impliment either.
4. He continues with players who are clearly not good enough, and also pays them ridiculous wages.
5. We still struggle against the big teams. We've had 3 games against the big sides during this month and we've won none of them and gone 2-0 down in all three. That's not good enough. It's actually inexcuseable, no respectable top team would have that happen to them in one season, let alone 1 month. It's very poor, especially baring in mind 2 were a home and we only got 1 point out of 9.
6. Temporary problems. Lately we've struggled to get going in every game, every first half we do next to nothing and often go a goal or 2 goals behind before we start playing. It's pretty poor and it's another problem the manager doesn't seem to be addressing. When you think about it, we've been a bit like that on and off for a few seasons, struggling to get going until the second half when playing against 'lesser' sides mainly.
Overall, it's conclusive evidence that the club needs a change in direction, which means a change of manager- someone who will address our problems and who will show the required ambition in the transfer window. It's the same shit every season and those problems need to be properly addressed and solved.
My suggestions of replacements would be Dennis Bergkamp, Patrick Vieira and even though it's a long shot, Jose Mourinho.

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