Friday, 10 February 2012

Everton v Chelsea Preview

I'm looking forward to this game. I've been to Everton games a lot this season but still not seen a really good game. I've seen good games, decent games, but not a 'great' game.

Myself, my Dad and my sister will head off to Merseyside tomorrow for a lovely afternoon all round. My sister will enjoy the company of our Grandparents and vice- versa, whereas my Dad and I will enjoy the festivities at Goodison Park. Hopefully, it will be a good game. I actually expect it to be as well. I do fancy a few goals here what wih Everton's increased amount of fire- power now and Chelsea's dodgy defence. Not only that, Everton rarely keep a clean sheet at Goodison Park and Chelsea have quite a few dangerous players and certainly have goals in them. I think, with Everton being at home, both teams will have a fair few chances and both teams will score. The game would be less antagonising if it were at Stamford Bridge, but with it being at Goodison, it's got more chance of going either way really.

I'm looking forward to seeing the likes of Daniel Sturridge, Steven Pienaar, Fernando Torres (no, I'm not joking), Juan Mata and Nikica Jelavic, if he plays, which I'm sure he will at some point. I think this will be another 3-3 draw for Chelsea, although I can see them winning it too. I can also see Everton winning it, which I think is what makes a game so exciting, that and the prospect of entertainment such as goals and controversial incidents on the pitch. Though at the last home game versus Man City, we saw a man handcuff himself to a goalpost. So football really is an unpredictable game!

I additionally think we are 'due' a great Everton v Chelsea game, as they are ususally games without a lot of goals, usually a 1-1, 2-1 or 1-0. So hopefully we don't get a 0-0 this time! While Chelsea beat Everton 3-1 at Stamford Bridge earlier in the season, it's usually a fixture at Goodison Park where the final result doesn't have a '3' or '4' in it, or more for that matter.

As I said, I'm prediciting a 3-3! I'm being optimistic to say the least, but I'm hopeful of a great game.

Here's to plenty of goals, twists and chances at Goodison Park tomorrow.

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