Wednesday, 15 February 2012


I think anyone who reads my articles on the Internet and anyone who follows me on Twitter (@TLGooner) knows my feelings about Arsene Wenger. The man has to go.

He's shown again tonight why he is no longer a good manager for Arsenal to have, he has, again, refused to adapt to a tough game away from home against a good team and deployed no tactics whatsoever. His tactics tonight left the team wide open on counter attacks, balls over the top, simple passing moves in midfield and other situations. How often did Ibrahimovic drift into the hole tonight? Him, Robinho and Boateng had a field day. And it's mainly because of our ridiculous game plan. Or non- game plan if you like.

Seriously, what was the plan? We were playing away from home to AC Milan in the first leg of the Champions League first knock out round, did we keep it tight? Did we play with defensive discipline? Did we adapt our usually open game to give us more chance of a result tonight? Wouldn't it have been better to be cautious and look to keep the ball and catch them on the break? Our manager has held us back again. It seems obvious what we should have done tonight.

Yes a lot of Wenger supporters (rather than Arsenal supporters) would respond to this and say 'how can you criticise him? Look at what he has done for Arsenal.' But he has done NOTHING for 7 years. It's ridiculous. Yes he was great between 1996 and 2005, but not anymore. It's time to move on. He's holding us back by not spending any money on players or sorting out our weaknesses and problems, on or off the pitch. You can't live on past glories otherwise nothing would ever change. We'd still have Bergkamp, Vieira and Pires in the team if nothing changed. Why should it be different with the manager?

It's just clear to me that we need to change. And tonight is more evidence of that. We had too many average players on the pitch, not enough class, creativity or spark and getting in a new manager would be the first step to getting back to where we were. That means challenging for the big trophies again and not getting humiliated every few weeks.

We need someone who will get rid of players that are clearly not good enough for Arsenal, and haven't been for a while, like Djourou, Diaby, Chamakh, Arshavin, Almunia and demoting players like Walcott and Ramsey so they're not playing as often, and getting in more exciting, creative players that do more than just pass it sideways. We also need to sort out our the medical side of the club, which may mean a new physio team, as we get too many injuries season in, season out and this is holding us back year after year. We've lost another today in Koscielny.

It just needs to change. The team were appauling tonight. Don't get me wrong, the players deserve a lot of criticism as well, they showed little fight and caved easily. They embarassed the club. All apart from the fans embarassed the club tonight. It was nowhere near good enough, and it has 95% likely to have cost us our place in this year's Champions League.

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