Friday, 22 June 2012

Be Quiet Scottish One

'Alright there quiet one' said the 30- odd year old Scottish bloke that works at IDG to me, as I ate my battered sausage and chips. 'Yeah' I said back, thinking 'fuck off you patronising twat'. He was stood there with 2 or 3 of the other salesmen and women and I was stood on my own as I don't know anyone really and it was awkward for me to go and stand with them because they were on the step, which happened to be blocking me from standing up there with them.

So I just thought 'ah well, screw 'em' and carried on eating my abnormally hot, but very nice, battered sausage and chips. So, this Scottish bloke has already got off to a bad start with me. I didn't appreciate being belittled and called 'the quiet one'.

This was all yesterday by the way. After that, I spent the whole afternoon with the very attractive Mel, the blonde girl I've referred to in one or two previous blog articles last week. We spent the afternoon in her car, just the two of us, driving round to people's houses and back trying to flog them these air and water filtration systems. We bonded a bit, but sometimes stuggled for things to talk about. It wasn't awkward, we talked a fair bit about each other and got on really well. I'd sort of decided in my head that I was going to ask her out and thought I'd do it when we're on our way back to the office for the last time before I made my jolly way over the Halifax for football that evening.
This way, if she said 'no', it wouldn't be awkward for the rest of the afternoon like it would have been if I'd have got turned down at 1pm or something.

However, on our way back from appointment number 2 at about 4.30pm, we sat in her car toegther and I thought 'right, I'm going to ask her now, I've just got to wait for the right moment'. Unfortunately, she turned the music up really loudly so we could barely hear each other. 'Unfortunate street name there' I said in an attempt to amuse her and get her to turn down the sodding music on 'Capital FM' so I could talk to her, as we passed 'Cockshott Lane'. It worked to an extent, as it made her laugh. But she turned the music back up again straight after.

So I didn't get the chance. We parted ways on Richardshaw Lane as she went back to the office and I set off for the train station to get to football. I rued my missed opportunity as I sat on the train to Halifax, thinking about Mel and my damn hesitant self.

But I thought, 'right, tomorrow I've just got to go for it, I'm just going to ask her'. So my only objective at work today was to ask Mel out. Screw selling air filters. We were in the office all morning, but I couldn't get her on her own. Then, we were in the reception area with a few other people coming in and out. I was practising my sales patter by writing it down and she was having a 'cuppa'. Then the Scottish guy came in to constantly chat her up. 'Is this guy for real?' I thought as he bragged about himself, only to be constantly turned down. 'Haha' I thought, 'serves you right you cocky jock'. He kept asking and finally got her to show interest in a party he's supposedly going to soon. 'Damn' I thought. Despite this, she still wasn't showing much interest or enthusiasm and instead was like 'alright' but they never made any proper arrangements or exchanged numbers.

Then finally, as I was about to depart for home, we got a minute- just the two of us in the reception area. I say 'the two of us', but Isobella, a woman who works there, came storming in just as I began. Spurred on by her surrender to Scottish guy's persistance, I asked her: 'do you fancy going out for a drink sometime? Tonight or next week?' 'Yeah, why not' she immediately said. 'Yes!' I thought, 'I'm in!'

I asked her for her number so we could arrange a date to go on. She's won a trip to Wales with work, so my original idea of Saturday night was off. So she wrote down her number and I kissed it as I walked down Richardshaw Lane after I left the office. She left at the same time, which probably worked in my favour as I realised I didn't have any time for hesitation.

I genuinely think she has some interest in me, just by the way she looks at me and the way she said 'yeah why not' straight away without any significant hesitation. She seemed pleased to see me back on Thursday after I'd not come in on Wednesday and just seems to like me. I might be wrong, she might not have any interest in me whatsoever as a potential boyfriend, she must just like me as a 'friend from work'. But who knows? How do you know when a girl likes you anyway, without her telling you?

So I left worked with a big, silly grin on my face, getting real egotistical satisfaction out of the fact she said 'yes' to me straight away and seemed very reluctant to socialise with Scottish guy. I thought 'be quiet Scottish one' as I took satisfaction from the karma and the irony.

Who's he kidding anyway? She's 21 and he's in his thirties. It's almost barbaric! He's too old for her and I can hardly picture them being together in the future, especially seen as he's not exatcly Tom Cruise in the looks department.

Tom 1-0 Scottish guy. I'm still a little concerned that he might be wearing her down into going to this party with him, but she seems to be more interested in me than him, so it's all about what I do now I think. The main thing is I achieved my objective of asking her out and she said 'yes'. Plus, we should have more time to bond with each other than she will with him, as I'd imagine we'll work together more in future weeks.

So, to conclude, I don't know if it's a date, but it probably is. It is as far as I'm concerned, but the important thing is that it's mission accomplished for today. Now I'm going to mentally rejoice in the irony of that patronising git being given the elbow by her, whilst I've got a date with her at the first time of asking. Once again, 'be quiet Scottish one'.



Sorry, a bit of football chanting came in there, it's one of the ways I celebrate victory in almost any situation! (Football can relate to anything in life, I find.)

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