Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Here Endeth The Adventure

Well, after two unsuccessful demonstrations today and viewing my contract, I've decided to parts ways with Skah Ltd/ IDG/ Carico/ any other name they've bloody got. I think they've been deceitful, immoral and manipulative in the things about the job they hid from me until I found out the hard way and with what they do as a company, in terms of scamming people into giving them the opportunity to flog ridiculously priced products.

I've met some characters that give me some comical material, such as 'LSD', 'Ronaldo Man', Manny (aka 'Mr Potato Head') and 'Scottish One'. I've also made a friend in Mel from my short spell there and gained knowledge and know- how of the outside world and what to look out for in future working situations and contracts.

I've had a few 'oh yeah, remember that?' moments and it's been an experience that I will look back on fondly. 'Ronaldo Man', a colleague that coincidentally is also called Manny, makes me laugh on the basis he seems to be in love with Cristiano Roanldo, constantly raving about him and saying how mch and why's he's better than Lionel Messi in his opinion. Although I do agree with him on that. But it was the excessive lovin' that tickles me.

Peter was another person that made an impression on me... despite that impression being that he's a bit wierd and looks like Julian from 5-a- side. Manny with his annoying American accent and silly demands, as well as smoking grass all the time. (Not to mention him looking like 'Mr Potato Head' from 'Toy Story'.) Mia and Isobella, the two hot women that work there, the 'Bristol bloke' who sounds like he should have been in 'Hot Fuzz' and always says 'alright mayyyyte' in his strong Bristol tone.

It's been a bit of a laugh. I haven't even mentioned Russ and Dwayne- Russ with the dog stab vests and laughable arrogance and Dwayne with his funny teeth (or lack of, as the case may be) and laughing at his own jokes when no- one else is. 'Nate', who looks an awful lot like Phil Jones, the Manchester United player.

Ah well, onwards and upwards to the next job. The search has already started.

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