Thursday, 28 June 2012

Goal Of The Season 2011/12

In light of seeing a rather bemusing Arsenal 'goals of the season' order on YouTube the other day, I've decided to come up with my own order of Arsenal's best goals from last season. I think we scored better goals than we did in 2010/11, we scored more from outside the box and there were more 'crackers' than there were last term.

5) Mikel Arteta vs Manchester City

This strike was a great one. It was against the best team in the league, he did well to intercept the ball and then made the right decision to dribble forward and smash it home from about 25 yards. What adds to the quality is the fact that it was late on against a top team and it was the winner, which makes it even more impressive that he had the confidence to shoot from this range, rather than pass the ball to a team-mate.

4) Robin Van Persie vs Tottenham

Again, this scores extra points because of the size of the match, but everything about Van Persie's contribution to this goal was maginificent. He picked the ball up, turned past two defenders and whipped it into the far corner of the net, out of the goalkeeper's reach. It was tremendous skill and confidence and it showed what a wand that left foot of his is (not to mention the intelligence it took to pull it off).

3) Robin Van Persie vs Liverpool

This was another massive match with a special goal. Robin Van Persie managed to stay onside as Alex Song played him through with a terrific through ball, over the top of the defence, before carefully and accurately side- fotting the ball in the net at the near post with his sweet left foot. It was a fabulous goal that required excellent tehcnique, conposure and audacity and Van Persie had all of them. Song's pass was brilliant on it's own, but it was put into the shadows by Van Persie fantastic volley in stoppage at Anfield to grab a late winner against Liverpool on their own ground.

2) Mikel Arteta vs Aston Villa

This was less of a high- profile game, but that doesn't take anything away from the true quality of this goal. It was a thirty yard freekick that was struck so cleanly and sweetly into the top corner of the goal, without any deflection or goalkeeper intervention. A wonderful freekick.

1) Robin Van Persie vs Everton

How appropriate that the goal of the season came on the day the club celebrated it's 125 year anniversary, with a lot of the club's legends there to watch it. Thierry Henry, Robert Pires, Ian Wright, they'd have all been extremely proud to have scored the goal Van Persie scored in this game. It is also appropriate that it was the winning goal and the only goal of the game. Alex Song collected the ball in the centre of the pitch and lofted a beautiful through ball over the top of the Everton defence to Van Persie, much like against Liverpool. Van Persie then hit it so sweetly first time on his left foot, very accurately and powerfully into the far corner of the goal, where Tim Howard stood no chance. It took tremendous skill and technique to succeed in that volley and the way it flew into the back of the net, off the post, without any deflections or mis- accuracies, was just amazing. It was an awesome goal and one worthy of winning any game for any club. It summed up Arsenal as a club on their 125 year anniversary. A brilliant pass, an excellent volley with perfect accuracy and power and a superb goal overall.

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