Sunday, 10 June 2012

Why I'd rather be Arsenal than Man City

I realise I shouldn't fall to his pathetically low and immature level, but I feel compelled to write an article in response to Samir Nasri. We, as Gooners, must have got to him because he can't help but constantly criticise the club and it's terrific fans whenever he's faced with anyone with a microphone.

This time he's spoken of how Man City are 'much more competitive' and has implied they have better players than Arsenal. This is probably true, but you know what Samir? I'd much rather be an Arsenal fan or player than a Man City fan or player. Arsenal is a proud club, the third biggest in England and one of the biggest clubs in the world. It has a massive fanbase, only 2 or 3 clubs are supported better worldwide, it has tradition, history and a soul.

And that's the crucial word: 'soul'. Arsenal football club has a soul, Man City don't. Man City have repeatedly failed miserably for a few decades whilst Arsenal have been winning trophies and achieving success since the late 1920's- early 1930's. The only way Man City have been able to gain success is through buying it. In fact, it's taken them too long to win the league and the FA Cup, they should have done that earlier with the resources they've had for the last 5 seasons.

They've splashed £100's of millions, maybe even billions. And that's the only way they've managed to become successful. In 10 or 20 years time, Arsenal are highly likely to be still around, Man City could be cash- strapped and floundering in the lower leagues because the businessmen they are so dependant on decide they've got bored.

Arsenal have achieved their success, on the pitch and off it, through hard work, good coaching and management and investment in young players. And that's why I'd rather be Arsenal, because it's a club I can be proud of, not a club that buys success. Who's proud of that? I'm not saying Arsenal haven't spent any money, because they have, but they've only spent a pittence compared to Man City. In fact, most of the money Arsenal spend on transfers is through selling players as well.

So Samir, I would rather be at Arsenal, where the club still has a soul, actual fans (not fans that have turned up in the last 2 years) and a proud history. Of course, the priority is the future and achieving success in the here and now. But Arsenal have a chance of that, and we also have our heart still here. As opposed to the heartless, corporate, money machine that is Manchester City football club.

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