Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Do you sell LSD?

I've had another 2 or 3 days of interesting endeavours at IDG and have met some peculiar characters. One being a lad a few years older than me, who has his initials tattoed on his neck. Now, if your initials spell out a rude word or abbreviation, or a drug, you wouldn't tattoo them on your body for everyone to see would you?

Well, this guy would. His initials are 'LSD' and he has the tattooed on his neck. What did he do that for? If his name was 'Andrew Simon Stephenson' or 'Norman Oliver Brosnan' would he have still tattooed his initials on his neck? I'd understand it if you had initials that spelt out nothing and were just random, like mine (TDL) or almost anyone else's, but the one person I know who has his initials tattooed on himself, is the guy whose initials spell out a class A drug. You couldn't make it up could you? Just when I thought Russ with his dog stab vests was odd...

Anyway, Russ is away this week because he's on holiday. He's probably taken his dog's to a less stab- happy country. Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting some Asian bloke a few years older than me. 'Is this seat taken?' I asked him as I arrived for our morning meeting, stood behind the affore- mentioned chair, which had a mug on the table in front of it and a handbag on the floor also next to it. He seemed to take an eternity to respond but did eventually and nodded. 'OK' I said, as I began walking towards a seat at the other side of the room before a nice girl informed me that the seat in question wasn't taken and that unknown Asian boy was being a prick. She didn't say the 'prick' part, I added that myself as he was indeed a prick. He never gave me eye contact and just talked as if I wasn't there to her, which was very rude. 'I don't get why he's sking if someone's sat there' he said to her. Well pal, there's a fucking handbag on the floor next to it and a mug of tea on the table in front of it, but no- one is sat in the chair. This implies that someone has vacated the chair but is set to return, so excuse me for having the manners to enquire as to the availability of the chair, instead of just plonking my backside on it wthout question, like some ignorant arsehole like yourself, who hasn't even got the decency to talk to me or even look at me as if I'm a human being. You can tell this idiot wound me up can't you? I wasn't this aggressive with him, as we were in an office, but I didn point out the chair and mug to him, but he didn't say anything. Judging him on my first impression of him, that was probably because he was too thick to say anything, the lifeless, ignorant dick head.

I am actually thinking of quitting. That's not because it's too hard or because I'm not good enough, it's more because I want a normal, reliable job that's easier to get to and has proper, arranged hours. I'd also like to work somewhere where my boss is more professional and organised and somewhere where I don't have to go round knocking on people's doors, conning them into having demo's with us set up so we can try flogging them air and water filtrations systems. I just want a normal, honest job. The most concerning part of this job is that I think I just get paid for the demo's I do and not the 'regging' (which is the knocking around on doors). I don't think I'm getting paid for anything I'm doing at the moment and this work takes a lot of effort and tolerance, so I don't want to stay somewhere where I'm not getting paid and where I potentially have to work ridiculous hours.

I keep going on a 'see what happens tomorrow' basis, so keep putting the decision off, but is there any point in me working a few more days and then quitting without any payment? No, of course not, it would make more sense to quit now if I'm not getting paid, but I feel obliged to stay incase I do start getting paid soon. I just don't know what to do at the moment. Any suggestions?

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