Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Europa League

I find it silly that Tottenham are playing the team they are tonight. Some of their starters I've never heard of and they clearly don't give a monkey's about the competition. They are 'resting' their first choice team (and then some) and playing their reserves...

RESTING?! We've only had a few weeks of the new season, Tottenham have played 3 league games and 2 Europa League games so far (even then they 'rested their team in one of them) and some of their players will have had a two week rest over the recent international period. I find it staggering that they feel the need to rest players.

So my question is this: 'If Arsenal were in the Europa League, what would you want us to do?' I for one would want us to play at least a near full strength team and treat it exactly the same as we treat the Champions League now. That means playing with our strongest available line- up and trying to win it.

After all, it is a trophy. Not the most prestigous one I admit but it's still silverware and the feeling of winning something. I think if you're in it, you may as well try to win it. Especially at this stage of the season when teams haven't played that many games yet. And there's no FA or Carling Cup yet.

Overall I think it's silly to rest players unless they genuinely have played a lot of games over a short period of time, which only really happens around December/ January anyway which is when the European competitions aren't on anyway.

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