Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Joys of Twitter

Rebecca Ryan is an 20 ish year old actress I am fond of from Waterloo Road. Last night I was slagging of her tweets to @JonnyEighty2 on Twitter for being boring. I did it bitter way due to her not getting back to my tweet/s in the past*. Then I sent her another tweet and she got back to me, saying 'Hiya :) x' which was really sweet and something she didn't have to do.

So I feel so guilty now that I bitterly slagged her off saying her tweets were dull. Especially when I'm quite fan of hers. Ah the impatience and bitterness of youth.

Oh, and I do realise that I sound like a stalker here, maybe I am, but I've been following (on Twitter, not in a stalkery way) her for months now so it's not like I've harassed her. I'm talking about 5 tweets over 6 months or so. And even then she only got 1 or 2. And I think anybody would understand the appeal of getting in touch with a celebrity, particularly one you are fond of. Especially when it was just to say Hi.

So to conclude, I'm an idiot.

*However most were my fault as I'd done something on the website when I set up my account that hid my tweets from other people, so my bitterness was made even sillier by the fact that it's mostly my fault anyway.

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