Saturday, 17 September 2011

Good (ison) Medicine

I was planning to write a blog tonight about my beloved Arsenal losing at Blackburn, but I've wittled about it for the last ooh...( looks at clock) 10ish hours and I'm fed up of being miffed off today, so I'm going to vere my blogging in the direction of my Everton adventures...

I can't think of a better (realistic*) medicine for a painful Arsenal defeat than being at the Everton game. I can't help but laugh at some of the people that sit around us at the game. Kev next to me must think I'm a nutter, constantly spontaneousy laughing throughout the match but if you were there, you would surely do the same.

It does tickle me when 'Mad Man' gets up and yells for no good reason, or when 'Referee Hater' screams at the referee for no reason and whistle's the same, irrelevant tune all the time, or when 'Played Man' constantly says 'Played' and in so many humourous ways it is impossible to convey the humour of it in written text.

That's not even mentioning the man that spends his time at the football reading his programme, stopping at half-time and then leaving after exactly 67 minutes every game. Bizarre. Or 'Fellaini Girl'** who dressed like a terrorist today with hudded clothing on for no reason, dark shades and a shifty, myserious persona.

There's also the match itself. We very rarely (tempting fate) go to Everton and see a dull game, it's always eventful and usually with plenty of goalmouth action. The game was surprisingly good today, especially putting into consideration my dejected mood after Arsenal losing. Wigan were impressive (that's discluding there pointless passing on the edge of their own box that made Arsenal look like a 'no nonsense' team), especially Franco Di Santo and Victor Moses. And Everton were their usual forceful, creative selves. Which made for a good game that resulted in an even contest and a 3-1 win for the 'Mighty Blues of Everton' as 'Fabio' (I'll get to that in a minute) calls them.

'Fabio' is the announcer guy at Everton who reads the teams before the game etc and we call him 'Fabio' because he looks an awful lot like Fabio Capello. The difference is he's got more knowledge on football, despite him calling Alex Song 'Alex Young' last season and mis- pronouncing a lot of players names, including Gabriel 'Alobsigor' last week.

So, to conclude, I've had a good day in the circumstances and once again, football has been a good medicine for me. G' Night.

* That's therefore ruling out the obvious better medicine than football of a romantic afternoon and evening with Jessica Alba.

** She always used to wear those dreadful Fellaini wigs, hence the title.

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