Sunday, 11 September 2011

A Great Chance

Arsenal have a got a great chance now to kick on and gather up a lot of points. We've beaten Swansea, that was important. It doesn't matter that it wasn't a 5-0 mauling, the win was what counted yesterday. 3 points was the mission, even if we had to sneak on at half time and score into an empty goal to do so.

Now the mighty reds of Arsenal take on Blackburn at Bolton Road and I'm not really sure of what to expect from the team that plays brilliantly every week according to Steve Kean. Still, we should win. Then there's Bolton (not at Bolton Road) who we should also beat, especially with it being at ze Emirates Stadium.

That's before the biggie. Oh yes, the North London derby. The meeting of two bitter rivals, North London's big battle, the meeting of titans, the day of drama and excitement, a time for nerves and get the point. A draw would be decent there but Arsenal could easily go there and win, it's a game that suits Arsenal and if we can win there (and stick the V's up at Adebayor in the process) that would be great. So 7- 9 points could and should be on the cards by the time we have Sunderland and Stoke at home consecutively. That's a fantastic opportunity to grab 6 puntos before we go to Stamford Bridge for another biggie...

Yes, the battle of London, the clash of title rivals, the...I'll stop that now. The point is that we have a good fixture period now where we can catch up to the Manc teams and the others and it could be later referred to as the 'kick on period of the season'. By me anyway.

Come on you Gooners!

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