Friday, 23 September 2011

Physio Mania

It baffles me that Arsenal get so many injuries, and so many long term injuries. It baffles me even more why the club haven't done anything about it yet. Now super Jacky Wilshere is out 'for months' and should be back around Christmas.


One of our best players is out for a while. well there's a change. It's no longer deemed a coincidence as it was a couple of years ago that injuries have been holding Arsenal back since 2005, and more so, since 2008/09 which also can't be a coincidence as this is around the time that Gary Lewin decided to move his boots permanently to the England physio room. His cousin, Colin, replaced him and since then our injury problems have increased season by season.

I used to class Arsenal as 'unlucky with injuries' but it can't be bad luck. It's got to be someone's fault, surely. Otherwise it's the biggest coincidence of the age. Something has to be done. I'm not a physio myself or an expert on Sports Science etc but I know that there's "somethin' screwey goin' on here" and it needs to change. A new physio or physio team, or even bringing in a mystical old African witch doctor who can connect with the Gods to cure injury. Something, anything will do.

Otherwise it will continue to hold us back.

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