Monday, 12 September 2011

What were Sky Sports thinking?

I want that 90 minutes back! QPR v Newcastle was an appauling game. It as decent for about 15 minutes of the first half but dreadful the rest of time, especially the second half. It made an afternoon in the company of Rachel Scarf look entertaining*.

What were they thinking having Norwich v West Brom, Fulham v Blackburn and QPR v Newcastle as the live games this weekend? There were plenty of better games available and people pay good money to have Sky to be entertained by things such as football so it is unfair that they should choose such dire, unattractive games to show live. Particularly 3 in one weekend.

I know they have to show every team a certain amount of times, but why? Surely if you are a Blackburn fan or a Fulham fan etc you're able to go and see the team play if you want because the demand isn't as high for tickets as it is at teams like Arsenal and Man Utd for example. Show entertaining games, that is what you're there for!

And if they are going to show games like this they should spread it out a bit rather than 3 in one weekend. Bloody idiots. Sky should be half price now this week.

*That is a joke that will fall on deaf ears for anyone who didn't go to Brigshaw High School. Rachel is a seriously dull character, I'm surprised she didn't keep falling asleep herself with boredom. I spent an afternoon with her in Leeds going to the cinema and for a drink and it was like going out with a rock. Lifeless. Not to be mean or anything.

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